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We prefer purple over yellow in our fields...

As we await the "purpling" up, we thought it would be wise to share some necessary uPick information.

We love hosting families and friends -- and a lot of times those families and friends include dogs. We are crazy about dogs at LOL farm, but unfortunately, we cannot allow them in our lavender field for hygienic and insurance reasons.

We have culinary lavender that grows in the field as well as thousands of visitors putting their hands into the bushes to cut stems. I know most are great about picking up animal waste, but it is impossible to control and cleanup dogs that choose to relieve themselves or mark a bush.

We also don't want your child or pet injured by a visiting pet that we don't know. We work hard to insure the safety of your family and can't accept this risk or liability. conclusion....please leave your furry friends at home (unless it’s your bearded husband – we have lavender beard oil in the farm store for him)!

Need more information about our uPicks? Here's the link -

Lots of love from LOL farm,

Alice Marrin


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