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How to find joy even when lavender is stressing you out.

Last evening as I was frantically harvested our culinary lavender (I know, frantically and lavender don’t belong in the same sentence – it’s a sacrilege), I was struck with why we started on this crazy journey.

I heard the laughter of children. I miss that. Our children are old and gone and Bill and I are enjoying our golden years on this beautiful mountain. But I ache for the giggles, and last night during a photo shoot in the fields as I was harvesting (frantically) the lavender, the families here provided the joy that we have missed. And that’s why we are doing this. You. Your family. Your friends. Your joy. This place is too big and beautiful for us to selfishly keep to ourselves. We want you to enjoy it with those you love most. We hope we can give that to you during these brief two weeks. If you'd like more information about our uPick at Lookout Lavender Farm, go to our events page. That’s all. If you want to enjoy what we have worked so hard to provide, please come to the uPick.

We welcome you.

Lots of love from LOL farm,



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