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Eliminate voles with Dollar Tree Fix!

Here at Lookout Lavender Farm we have a vole problem. For those of you that don’t know, voles are small, stocky rodents similar to field mice. In fact, a vole might look like a mouse at first glance.

Voles love to eat roots (which kills the lavender plant) and tunnel through our raised rows. Unfortunately, the landscaping fabric we use provides the perfect protection from their predators.

While we can’t do this on a larger scale, if you have voles plaguing your garden at home, try burying a Dollar Tree mesh wastebasket as you are doing your planting. This can be done for other plants that voles love to devour and destroy such as hostas.

After you dig your hole, position a Dollar Tree mesh basket in place and fill with your preferred soil and plant. The rain can drench the soil and drain appropriately and the caged roots can grow freely and unrestricted through the mesh. However, your pesky voles will be locked out from making your beautiful plants their next meal!

We hope this hint has been helpful to you as you begin your spring planting.

Thanks for your support and love of lavender!

Alice Marrin

Lookout Lavender Farm


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