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Photography Policy

General Visitor Photography Policy: 


Individuals are welcome and encouraged to photograph at Lookout Lavender Farm with their personal cameras during regular operating hours.

This does not include professional photographers doing photo shoots. If you are a professional photographer, sessions will need to be booked outside our Lavender uPick hours.  See below for more information.  

Amateur photographers do not exchange money or services for the photographs.  During our uPick hours, photographers are only allowed to use their handheld devices -- no tripods, props, light shields, etc. are permitted in the lavender field. Lookout Lavender Farm staff reserves the right to determine if your shoot is commercial in nature and may ask any unauthorized individuals to suspend their photographic activities.  


No drones are allowed to be flown over the farm without the express permission of the owners and pets are not allowed in the field for sanitary and liability reasons.


Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever without written consent by Lookout Lavender Farm LLC. Lookout Lavender Farm LLC reserves the right, and its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs of objects in its collection. 


 Professional Photoshoot Policy


We reserve our after hour sessions (6-8 pm) exclusively for professional photographers since their activity is restricted during our regular uPick hours.  To book, please contact


Professional photographers pay $120 for a one-hour time period for individual and small group photo shoots ($200 for a two-hour session).  No sharing of the time slot with another photographer/s is allowed.

A deposit (50% of total) is paid to Lookout Lavender Farm, LLC to hold the date and time. In addition, the Photographer is required to complete and sign a Professional Photography Liability Waiver. Once the waiver and the payment are received by Lookout Lavender Farm, LLC, the Photographer will receive an email or receipt confirming permission to shoot photos. Owners are willing to reschedule photography shoots due to inclement weather.  


Lookout Lavender Farm, LLC reserves the right to book 2 photographers within the same time slot. Please be courteous of other photographers. 


The Lookout Lavender location is not to be used for photos that feature partial or full nudity and/or lingerie.  This includes nursing shoots that expose breasts and/or boudoir sessions. 

Each session on the property is limited to the contracted time hour(s). Professional photographers will only be allowed to shoot when Lookout Lavender Farm is closed to the public. This allows professional photographers the autonomy to move around the property without distraction from the public.  


With credit and prior permission, photographers may use pictures from our Instagram or Facebook accounts if they need a stock photo to promote their photoshoot session.

Lookout Lavender Farm reserves the right to utilize any photography taken on the grounds of Lookout Lavender Farm for advertising and marketing purposes. Lookout Lavender Farm will take care to assign credit to the photographer upon sharing photography.

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