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To you with so much gratitude...

We get it. Gas prices are SOO high. And if you are like me, you are cautious and careful to not waste your mileage. Paying those prices at the pump has been painful and nobody is enjoying it. Believe me, I know I’m preaching to the choir as I write this.

But it is important to let you know how much we value your visits -- extra excursions are not taken lightly these days. We are humbled by you who have made the trek to our corner of the world to visit the farm during our season of bloom. And we appreciate that you have chosen to visit despite the sacrifice. Thank you.

Are we a necessity? Perhaps.… but we are not comparing our lavender farm to the doctor, the grocery, or routine required errands.

But does your soul need a refresh, a respite? I think we all do. It is our hope, goal and desire to offer that to you.

I’m not equating our fields to a place of worship -- that would be presumptuous on our part. But we are a place where friends and families can gather, laugh, make memories, slow down, breathe deeply and relax. Like life, this opportunity is brief and fleeting and that is what makes it more special and extraordinary.

Our season ends this Saturday, June 25 for 2022. And our favorite part of all this is you. Again, thank you. We are so grateful.

Lots of love from LOL farm,

Alice and Bill Marrin


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