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Life can be stressful.

With your daily demands and what seems like the world pressing in on you, life can be overwhelming.


We understand.  We are all in this together. We can help bring a sense of calm and control to your day. 


According to a recent published study, researchers found that components lavender were as effective as taking a valium.  


Naturally, we choose flowers over pharmaceuticals when possible!


Need a peaceful respite from the world?  

Experience calm and joy as you cut fresh lavender and linger with friends and family in our fields during the month of June.


Our clients can also enjoy a limited selection of hand made and lavender based products, available both in our farm store and online. We pledge to use non-petroleum based fragrances, and our own farm grown lavender to produce.  


Who are we?  

Alice and Bill Marrin – just a mom and pop running this show who had a vision of sharing their slice of heaven on Lookout Mountain with those who needed a place to exhale (and inhale the scent of lavender).  


We believe in Better Living with Lavender.

We invite to join us on our journey.

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