Why that lavender plant you bought at Costco died

Have you ever brought home a lovely lavender plant from Costco or another big box store only to have little success with it long term at home?

There is a reason for that. The plant they usually sell, Spanish Lavender (lavandula stoechas), is native to the Mediterranean region and is not cold hardy. If it is sheltered properly, it can overwinter, but here at Lookout Lavender Farm, we believe in low-maintenance success! Spanish lavender grows great in a hot house – not so much in your yard.

We have 12 varieties of lavender in our field and choose the ones that do best in our climate and environment. We will offer for sale later in the spring both lavendins (more fragrant, taller plants) and angustifolias (shorter, more colorful, culinary), as well as give you some guidance on planting. Stay tuned for dates, time and more information…

Stay safe and be well!


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