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FAQs about our Lavender Field Days (everything you wanted to know and more)

Q. I'm interested in coming to your event, but saw that you were selling reserved uPick tickets for lavender bundles If I visit the farm and didn't reserve a bundle, can I still uPick?

A. Perhaps, but not guaranteed. We have reserved 60 spaces for each time slot and once those spaces are gone, the uPick session will be closed to further sales. Those who reserved a uPick time slot will get an advantage in both a guaranteed time and price. uPick tickets the day of will be $7 each or 2 for $12.

Q. Last year you didn't do reserved uPicks - why this year?

A. Interest in visiting our lavender field in bloom has increased greatly over the last year and we were hoping by staggering the uPick times, we could better accommodate our guests and put less stress on parking, restroom and other resources. We also want to provide guests who come later in the week the same farm experience with plenty of lavender to enjoy.

Q. If I don't uPick, what else is there to do at the farm?

A. We will have our largest field open for you to enjoy for taking pictures with your friends and family. You can play corn hole in the lavender, just relax and enjoy the atmosphere or on the weekends, we will have culinary lavender demonstrations, a massage therapist in the field (June 8th-for a fee) and a bath salt bar ($5 to make your own).

Q. What if I reserved a uPick and there is a thunderstorm at that time?

A. Good question! We built enough margin into our schedule the week of our event so that we can accommodate reschedules for dangerous weather. Our goal is always to have happy customers so we will do our best to make sure your uPick ticket in this situation is honored.

Q. Can I bring my pet?

A. Unfortunately, for both insurance and sanitary reasons (culinary lavender in the field), pets are not allowed to visit LOL farm.

Q. Will you have lavender products for sale?

A. Like last year, we will be selling our farm made lavender products onsite. If all goes as planned, our new farm store will be open for business starting June 8th!

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