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Opening the fields to the public

We have been watching the lavender plants waiting to time the fullest bloom for our visitors' enjoyment and we have selected June 8th as our opening of the uPick season. We are organizing our uPick dates differently this year, offering more pick dates but over a shorter period of time and requiring pre-purchase of uPick bundles at timed intervals. The cost is still $5 per bundle, but by having uPick times spaced out, we can better accommodate our guests and keep our fields healthy and beautiful. Please go to the events tab on our website for more information and to purchase tickets. The price is per bundle, not per person. Also, for insurance and sanitary reasons (culinary lavender in the field), pets are not allowed at this event.

We plan on having one field open for exploring, picture taking and enjoyment and another for uPicks so there should be enough room for everyone. We have doubled our plantings from last year and we think it's better than ever. We are so very grateful that the unrelenting rains of this winter and spring did minimum damage to the field. Please come up to Lookout and share in our happy place!

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