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Oh so soggy....

We haven't seen the sun in 9 days as the Chattanooga area has suffered from unrelenting rain after weeks (since Thanksgiving) of very wet weather. To say the least, we are beyond concerned.

2019 may be one of replanting. This weather is so atypical that I can't imagine it continuing to repeat. At this rate, we would have over 100 inches of rain in a year (13 inches for February so far on our gauge). We had 10 fellow farmers up to LOL two weeks ago and the consensus was that the field was looking good despite the crummy conditions. Not so anymore. We will have to wait to dry out to see how they are faring.

Bill and a neighbor dug breaches in the berms that contour the fields. This released a torrent of pent up water that rushed out and down the slope. We hope that alleviates most of the problem as it pours again tonight with more rain.

Farmers are optimists by nature -- we have to be or nothing would ever be planted. We are determined. We will not give up. But for now we are bummed. Thanks for staying with us friends. We so love and appreciate you. xoxo

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