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Been too pooped to post!

As you have always heard, farming is hard work! When we are at the farm, we are usually up early working, take a break during the heat of the day to do household chores (at least I do -- Bill often plows on through), and go on to work through sunset. Even though there is much to do, it is a complete joy, especially when you see our Creator at work too. The fields are doing fine, the plants are spiking and showing a little purple as they finally wake up from a brutal winter.

Waiting for purple

Our Hidcote is in full bloom, and if it is timed to harvest for the Roswell Lavender Festival on June 9th, we will be bringing fresh bundles to that event. The farm is currently scheduled to be open on Saturdays for Upick starting June 16th. Stay tuned for more information -- we hope you will come by and visit our purple paradise.

First cut of Hidcote

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