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Spring and sunshine....finally!

All new parents worry about their firstborn infants and as new lavender farmers, we are no different about our babies! We have been on pins and needles after enduring weeks on end of wet, cold and foggy weather. Have we mentioned that lavender hates wet and foggy weather?

Most of the work of growing lavender is preparing the soil. It needs well drained alkaline conditions and once that is established, it can be relatively low maintenance. Drought...blistering sun....bring it on! Animals don't like to eat it, so it doesn't require preventative measures to protect it. It will take most conditions except for excessive watering and that's all we've had for the last. two. months. Ugh.

Spring green is coming through!

However, with Spring comes hope and renewal. Our babies have made it and are showing spring regrowth and resilience . We have been unable to plow for weeks because the wet sloggy ground was too heavy for our tractor to manage (the PTO started smoking...Yikes!). But today, we weeded, trimmed and plowed the beautiful land in anticipation of a spectacular season and more plants in the ground!

Prepping for another field of purple.

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