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Breaking out (literally)....

Dormancy. It's a word not often used in conversation, but could well describe our collective lives these last couple of months. In this sense, we've been quite similar to our lavender plants. During the winter into spring, lavender is in a dormant state -- resting up and waiting out until it explodes into spikes in anticipation of its purple glory.

As our lavender is greening up and sending up spikes, we too are emerging out into the world again, tentatively and carefully at first, but each day a little more confident. It is a joyful reminder that life goes on and it is good.

We have been hesitant up until recently to put much on the calendar. We would rather wait and see than have to cancel. We hope you can join us this Saturday (5/9, 10-4) as we have acquired more lavender plants for our fields and your gardens (or your fields too). Also, don't forget Mother's Day is Sunday and we have wonderful lavender products that she would love.

After Mother's Day, our farm will be closed to the public so that we can focus on getting some projects completed and gear up for the lavender season. We anticipate opening up for uPicks in early June. Stay safe and stay tuned.

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